soon 2 be a metalocalypse blog
furries come in 2 levels
  • homie: yo girls with cat ears are cute doe
  • me: aight
  • homie #2: id fuck scooby
  • me: CHILL


i need lots of suggestions for inspirational or feel good movies movies

me and my skeleton bf
  • me: babe youre so funny
  • skeleton: i be a meme
babys first words!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • baby: b...b...
  • me: baby? baba? bottle?
  • baby: broom broom
  • me: get out me car

food makes hornier than people nowadays. my mans gonna bring that foodplay shit to the bedroom and i will come when he dip the strawberry in the nutella jar

you WOULDN’T download a DOG

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